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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 14, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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of a distribution company. this fundraiser comes a week after the president came to the bay area to drum up money for the democrats. tonight's event is expected to raise $700,000 with tickets range from $500 to $10,000 a piece. organizers say the fundraiser was arranged at the last second because of an opening in the vice president's schedule. >> the funds that we raise tonight will go to the mid term elections. it will have a lot to do with how the agenda does for the next four years. >> reporter: and back out here live at the protest. police barricaded the streets where the fundraiser is being held. they are hoping that the vice president will get a good look at them when they arrive. he will be here between 6:00 and 6:30. him and his wife will overnight in the city and return to washington tomorrow. we will update you on the
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events going on in the street and the fundraiser coming up. >> a school bus caught fire in the east bay this afternoon, but fortunately no one was hurt. this photo was provided of the bus that caught fire in concord. the school district official says there were students on board, but that everyone got off safely, including the bus driver. concord police say it looks like the engine overheated. oakland police and fire investigators are both looking into an early-morning house fire. it started on the back porch of a home on 73rd avenue near international boulevard. the fire didn't do much damage and no one was hurt but somebody painted graffiti there yesterday afternoon on the same home. it included the words stop snitching. >> it looks like the spectacular light show on the bay bridge will go on after all thanks to the generosity of one
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man. the light project had been a million and a half dollars short of being funded. but the co-founder of word press has stepped up to out. he already donated $100,000 to get the project started. now he's giving more money, about a million and a half to be exact. >> he was checking in, asking how we were doing and i told him what the numbers were to finish it and he said he might be able to help and by god, he did. >> it will allow the lights to be turned on every night for the next two years. the section of the bridge between the island and san francisco could be named after willie brown. they will name the western part of the bridge in honor of the former san francisco mayor and speaker of the assembly. the resolution calls willie brown one of the most influential politicians of the late 20th century. >> the legislature passed a massive $96 billion budget
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plan. both the assembly and the senate passed the budget along party lines. >> it's a good budget. we not only keep the books in balance, we pay down significant debt. and for the first time in five years, we're actually able to restore a few things. >> this budget is not balanced. this budget is not truthful. there are so many things that are off the books. we have $12 billion off the books that we're in the federal government for unemployment payments through edd. >> now, the big winner in this year's budget is education. it provides $55 billion for k through 12 education and colleges. it allows more control for districts on how to spend state money. >> new at 5:00, three fremont brothers are facing piracy charges in connection with an illegal video website. according to the state attorney general's office they operate
5:04 pm it shows boot leg versions of movies and tv shows. the three were arraigned yesterday in oakland. each brother is charged with grand theft, conspiracy and receiving stolen property. the full crew race kicks off tomorrow outside of san francisco bay. the race around the islands is the first since five sailors were killed during last year's race. it was the deadliest in the history of the event. a coast guard investigation determined the yacht named the low speed chase was too close to the islands when it was grounded, causing it to cap size. this year, there are new rules and the boats are equipped with more state of the art safety equipment. >> new railcars and cleaner stations are top priority according to bart's newly approved budget. the 1 and a half billion dollars budget will serve the
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most bart riders. the big event farther of the budget will be used to order 410 new railcars. another 7 million will be spent replacing existing car seats with eaclean materials. the budget comes during negotiations with employees. >> people riding on bart are probably running late today. it is still causing major delays on four of bart's five lines. bart says the switching mechanism caused a small fire on the tracks. that delayed trains up to an hour. the fire was put out quickly but there was residual damage caused to the tracks so training are now running at slower speeds through the area. this is causing delays of about 20 minutes on trains on the peninsula through san francisco to the east bay. the man videotaped naked in another san francisco bart station may be deported. he was arrested after police
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say he harassed passengers and staff at the 16th street bart station on may 10th. perez is from columbia. he is not a u.s. citizen. the immigration and customs enforcement agency is monitoring perez with a gps device because it is considering sending him back to his native country. more details now. bart's deputy police chief says a stay away order is to keep perez away from bart. once approved, bart will be able to arrest perez if he steps foot on bart property. that stay away order will be among about a hundred already in effect for bart. >> well, testimony -- temperatures were on the rise in the bay area today. fire crews prepare for an already busy fire season. yesterday at 5:00, you'll remember that we said today would be the hottest day of the week. >> our meteorologist is here with some of the hottest temperatures out there.
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how hot did it get. >> we had a few upper 80s. right around 90 degrees earlier this afternoon. temperatures are coming down a little bit. but warm numbers out there for fairfield and concord. 85, 86 degrees. santa rosa is 86. but it's cooler for san francisco. 62. half moon bay, 67. and oakland 71 degrees. there is a fog bank not here yet but overnight when you go to bed, the fog bank will approach. here is the forecast for saturday morning. clouds near the shoreline. a few patches into the bay. temperatures when you wake up in the low to mid-50s. as you can see santa rosa at 50 degrees. rosemont at 54. how much cooling you can ex exact for saturday. a closer look at the father's day forecast and the timing of the warming trend showing up on the five-day forecast. >> the rising temperatures have firefighters throughout the
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state on alert. in fact cal fire says that crews have already fought 2300 fires just this year. ktvu carol lu is live and tells us why firefighters are so concerned. >> reporter: training happens every day for firefighters. >> 56 square miles in the district. most of it is wildland. we have gone out to the county strike teams. >> reporter: today's exercise is laying 800 feet of hose up a hill in rockville park. firefighters carried 60-pound hose packs with early afternoon temperatures in the mid-80s. >> not easy. we're wearing everything that we would be wearing out in the field during a fire. we practice during the day as you can see so we can feel what it will be like when we're fighting an actual fire. >> reporter: sacramento valley
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was under red flag warning with low humidity and winds creating dangerous fire conditions. thanks to the dry vegetation, fire season started two months early. firefighters have fought 2300 fires so far this year compared to 1300 in a typical year and have spent $200 million in firefighter this fiscal year compared to 140 million a year ago. >> and once again, that was carol lu reporting from solano county. our coverage continues online. go to and click on the weather tab. you will find the forecast and more information as well. >> at 5:30 an emotional fight, a 2-year-old left without a mother after a deadly bike crash in the south bay. >> also a crash today in san francisco sends three people to
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the hospital. we'll find out why people who work in the area say they are constantly putting their lives in danger. >> first, though, a crime alert issued for one east bay city after eight homes are targeted by burglars in four days. the tips that police are offering to keep your home safe. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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>> new at 5:00, police in the east bay have issued an alert after burglars struck eight times over a four-day period. ktvu know awalker is live in livermore and tells us that the burglar's mo and what police say to do to keep from becoming a victim. >> reporter: the sleepy suburban streets of livermore don't seem like a place of crime. josh didn't know that his neighbor was burglarized until we told him.
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>> unsettling. very unsettling. it's a pretty nice area. it's a high-end area. >> reporter: burglars hit eight homes in just this week alone. >> a lot of time these burglars are walking up to the front door and ringing the door bell. when no one answers, they enter the house. >> reporter: it's reason for residents to be concerned and question what they see. >> you wonder if this guy was casing these places. >> reporter: steven mcconnell remembers seeing somebody dressed like a solicitor but didn't appear to be soliciting anything. that was days before burglars hit two of his neighbors' homes. >> the fact that i never saw him go to a door, just saw him taking notes on the street, on the sidewalk, make my suspicious. >> reporter: the burglars are targeting houses in the middle of the afternoon, when no one is home. leaving music on or having a dog can have a house a less attractive target for thieves.
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>> most folks are looking for an unoccupied residence during the day to get in, get the stuff and get out. >> reporter: police say the best way to make sure that burglars don't come into your home is make it look like someone is home or someone is watching. they have a security camera here. but there was is block hit this week. >> a boat belongings to a registered sex offender is beached on the shores of a popular park. locals want it removed. police say the boat's owner, donald olsen, is a registered sex offender but he isn't on the megan's law website and not restricted from being around children because he was convicted of a misdemeanor sex crime. >> i would be furious. thank goodness my kids are older and i don't have to worry about it. but there are a lot of parents that i talk to that are totally upset. they want the boat moved.
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>> richmond police have set a deadline of june 24th for olsen to move the boat. if he doesn't, the city has the authority to destroy it under nuisance abatement laws. two pilots practicing for the air races collided midair today but did land cide comes a crash at back in 2011. the president of the reno air racing association says yesterday's incident happened during air racing safety day. >> the marine sonoma mosquito vector control district confirmed a bird infected with west nile virus. it was a crow and it was submitted for testing on may 20th. so far this year, west nile has turned up in 11 california counties. a man in sacramento county died this year while he was infected with west nile virus. but it's not clear whether the virus was the actual cause of his death. >> more troubles tonight for
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the group home in davis we first told you about wednesday. state officials have revoked the home's license. this cups after word that two teenage residents were arrested on suspicion of raping an 11- year-old girl in the home. the home said it would respond and defend itself. the company website says the business has more than 23 offices and campuses throughout the state. >> if a republican plan being debated in congress is approved, less help may be coming to the nearly 4 million people here in california that rely on federal assistance to buy food. republicans in and house of representatives want to cut $20 million from the nutrition assistance program known as snap. they want to target waste in the food assistance program that provides food stamps and school lunches for children. house democrats are furious about the proposal, including barbara lee who says she relied on food stamps back in the
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1970s. >> there are millions of people in the country just like me that need that bridge over troubled waters until they get a job to take care of their family. >> if the bill is passed, the cuts would be spread out over ten years. the vote will happen next week. >> an alleged hacking scandal at the veteran's affair department. lawmakers on capitol hillary acted strongly to the allegations. >> reporter: local troops home from the war zone but still at risk. foreign hackers have broken into the computer network of veteran's affairs according to investigators of house committee. the social security numbers of the vets may have been taken. >> information may have been removed. unfortunately we don't know until somebody actually comes up and says that their information was used in a way. >> reporter: congressional leaders want them to watch the
5:18 pm
credit reports of the veterans and close family members. big concern about credit card fraud. the former u.s. marine tells me that veterans have sensitive information in the private files on the network too. >> anyone with mental health issues is in there. these are things that people would always feel very vulnerable to have exposed. >> exposed. >> reporter: those that want sweeping nationwide protection acknowledge they don't know how likely that expensive program would cost. some leaders say they want the department of veterans affairs to hold accountable whoever let the system get hacked in the first place. >> firefighters are making progress in colorado. what helped firefighters gain ground in the fight to control a deadly wildfire. it has already killed two people and destroyed almost 400
5:19 pm
homes. >> coming up new at 6:00, the bay area store will start selling alcohol below cut rate costs. why some experts are worried and the two vulnerable groups that could be harmed. cracked wells and busted bolts. only on 2, we take you inside the tower for an up close look at safety issues before the bay bridge is scheduled for opening on labor day weekend. these stories and more coming up at 6:00. ♪
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>> a second person has now died from yesterday's explosion and fire at a louisiana chemical plant. it's about 20 miles away from baton rouge. it deuces highly flammable chemicals. the cause of the explosion is not known. firefighters in colorado say lighter winds are helping them gain an upper hand in the fire that has killed two people and destroyed some 400 homes. >> i think we made tremendous grounds yesterday or gained some tremendous grounds especially when it came to the structure protection. >> the black forest fire started tuesday near colorado springs. it has charred almost 16,000 acres. the fire is still very much out of control. only 5% containment to report tonight. 38,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. >> i've got my babies in the car and three dogs and we're camping out at a friend's
5:23 pm
garage. we don't know when we can go home. >> at least two people who were trying to salvage personal belongs have died. fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the wildfire which is now being called the most destructive in colorado's history. this massive wildfire comes one year after the similarly fire that also killed two people there in colorado. crews say they were better prepared to take on this disaster because of lessons learned last year. >> the restaurant deck that collapsed last night in miami was not the result of criminal activity. they say the deck was not overcrowded. witnesses said at least a hundred people fell into the water last night when the deck gave way at the bar in the city of north bay village. 24 people had to be taken to the hospital. two in serious condition. at this point, investigators say they still aren't sure exactly what caused that deck to collapse. a former nazi commander has been found living in minnesota.
5:24 pm
an associated press investigation revealed that 94- year-old michael karkar was once commander of a unit that burned polish villages with women and children in it. he lives in this house in minneapolis. ap says he came to the u.s. in 1949 by lying to authorities and telling them that he had not served in the military. polish authorities are now looking into whether they can prosecute him. >> new york city michael -- new york city's mayor michael bloomberg in the city by the bay. as he is teaming up with the san francisco mayor ed lee. >> coming up, we will tell you about the emotional and unresolved situations going on in the case of a woman cyclist killed in a san jose crash yesterday. all focused on her young child. >> sunyand much warmer today across the entire bay area. but changes on the way. the temperature drop that you can expect for saturday and the coolest day of the weekend. ♪
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>> it was a good day to hit the water. that what some folks did today. you see them out there on their wind surfers. is that what you call them. >> i think that's what he is
5:28 pm
doing. >> they are taking advantage of the warm weather and the light winds. a big difference in what we're feeling on the water compared to when you go inland. that looks like a sailboat. >> i was going to say. i think we both wish we were out there. i know our meteorologist has been tracking temperatures inland and on the coast. the inland spots have warmed up to the 80 and 90 degrees. the beach is not so bad with the fog a distant stranger. that will be changing saturday morning. you can see some haze out there. there is the golden gate bridge. the haze in the area will be around at sunrise tomorrow. that will bring in cooling temperatures in time for saturday. as far as temperatures today, we were advertising a warmup. that actually happened. 74, just beautiful in san francisco. 80s for oakland and fremont. the satellite here, as you can see, a few high clouds
5:29 pm
approaching the bay area. there's a fog bank out to the west. we will move this around to show you. that cloud bank will be a key factor as we head into early saturday morning. as far as current numbers, they are beginning to cool off today. warm numbers out towards fairfield, livermore and walnut creek. san jose is checking in in the lower 80s. the sea breeze is kicking in in t ofthe west at 17 miles per hour. some more neighborhoods, some more windy reports out towards sfo, wind gusts at 24. 15 miles per hour in san jose. forecast like this for tonight. breezy. tomorrow will be cooler. more cooling as we head into monday and tuesday. so temperatures have peaked for the week. the warmest day was today. high pressure in full command of the weather. this system we're tracking up to the north and west will be sliding down closer to the bay
5:30 pm
area. it remains offshore but it will increase the on shore breeze into the overnight hours. for the weekend, more fog. cooler. inland, the low 80s. around the bay, in the 70s. the beaches in the 60s. for father's day, we will warm things up a little bit. not a big change from saturday's readings. hearsay look at the forecast model showing you all of the fog tomorrow morning. a few patches around the bay. then we take it into the afternoon hours. leftover patchy fog for the beaches. temperatures inland, in the low 80s. so everybody coming down, especially inland for saturday. forecast highs for tomorrow. santa rosa at 74. especially right around the bay, winds approaching 20 to 25 miles per hour. down in the south bay, san jose 78. santa cruz today in the 80s.
5:31 pm
tomorrow will be the lower 70s. san francisco, the clouds in the morning and sunny for the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. saturday will be cooler. sunday, pretty much the same deal. not a big change. cooling continues for monday and tuesday. possibly by wednesday we could be talking about warm. last week we were talking about triple digit heat. that will not be the case for tomorrow. >> the fluctuations are smaller. >> yes. easier to accommodate. >> thank you, mark. >> yeah. >> a south bay sipping has lead to the arrest of a man accused of soliciting sex from an 11- year-old begin. the 8-month operation that lead to his capture. >> reporter: frank, the sheriff's office is saying this is a deliberate act. he drove at least 80 miles to meet the victim righter in san jose. he had every intent to have sex
5:32 pm
and physically abuse an 11-year- old girl. 23-year-old shawn was arrested on wednesday. he is facing charges of the intent to engage in sexual activity and sexual abuse of an 11-year-old girl. >> we engaged in conversations via a chat room with the subject. he said he was interesting in having sex with a child. >> reporter: deputies say he naught he was meeting the 11- year-old here at the intersection of san carlos and 2nd street in san jose. for of the last eight months, the safe task force were posing as an adult who was going to put him in touch with the fictional young girl. >> he admitted that he was planning on sexually abusing and physically abusing this ild that he was going to meet. >> reporter: it is being used as evidence against him. when he was arrested deputies said he had items with him that
5:33 pm
he planned to use in a sexual way to abuse the victim. however because it's an open investigation, they couldn't say exactly what the itemsare. >> any time that we can arrest somebody who is going to victimize and put that person in jail, we consider that a victory, something that we're proud of. >> reporter: now, he was released on $100,000 jail. this is not the only arrest by safe this year. i will have that coming up at 6:00. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> harris today announced the arrest of four key players in an alleged sex trafficking operation. the attorney general's office says they are accused of pimping young women in brothels in northern california. harris says the prostitution ring took women from boston and new york to brothels in sacramento and san mateo counties. here are mug shots of three of
5:34 pm
the four arrested. they are all from sacramento county. a fourth suspect not pictured is from san mateo county. >> a 2-year-old is left without her mother today. the mother w killed when a box truck fell on top of her. robert rhonda tells us why the daughter's future is so uncertain. >> reporter: we are intersection where the deadly accident took place. it is right down the street where the victim worked and only a few miles from where she lived. friends and family are grieving for the young woman and they try to focus on how to care for the young daughter. >> reporter: the couple taking care of olivia is trying to get her used to the reality that mom is gone. >> i want what is best for her. i hope we stay in her life. >> reporter: the mother was killed yesterday while riding
5:35 pm
her bicycle when she was crushed in a collision between two commercial trucks. the couple took in the mother several years ago to help her get established after a life spent mainly in foster homes. >> she was really just a sweetheart. really a sweetheart. and she was really trying hard. >> reporter: the dedication paid off. two months ago, she was hired at this pet salon, grooming extraordinary, a job she was headed to when the accident occurred. >> she felt really safe with animals. it was her dream to have her own dog grooming business some day. she was working so hard to pull it together. she wanted to make a good live for olivia. >> reporter: today the salon workers and the family are mourning the mother and regrouping for olivia's sake. >> it has been somber and difficult to carry on. but they have done it. they are really concerned about
5:36 pm
olivia, her daughter. she just loved her daughter. >> reporter: at the point, olivia's future is being evaluated by child protective services. police are investigating the circumstances of the crash. robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a suspected child molester featured on america's most wanted was arrested last night. he is wanted in georgia where he skipped off on a trial. he was tried and sentenced to 40 years in prison. he was profiled on america's most wanted last august and tracked down in san francisco. and then last night at about 9:00, he was arrested at a coffee shop at sutter street. he is now awaiting extradition to georgia. >> san francisco's mayor hosted new york city's mayor bloomberg. they toured the headquarters of square. the mayor announced that he and mayor bloomberg will
5:37 pm
collaborate on a digital technology summit. it will bring together big names in high tech to discuss ways of solving social issues. >> how does the technology help us continue so that we don't see this as the bubble that some people continue to expect it. but to it as a foundation for economic recovery and expansion. >> that digital summit is scheduled for september 30th in new york city. >> it is a story you will see only on 2. how a simple change to school lunches could make a big difference in the battle against childhood obesity. >> caffeine withdrawals a mental disorder? why it's giving some doctors the jitters. >> jed bush raises eyebrows. what he said about immigrants coming up.
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>> a chain reaction crash on i- 5 in southern california made for quite a mess today. the truck was pulling into the weigh station on i-5 north of camp pendleton but wasn't able to stop and slamedinto a line of big rigs. it took hours to clean up the mess and all southbound lanes were shut down. a few of the truck drivers were hurt but all expected to be okay. former florida governor jeb bush raised eyebrows today saying that some immigrants are
5:41 pm
more fertile than native- americans. the brother of former president george w. bush is considering a run for the white house himself in 2016. a spokesman later said that he meant that latinos have larger families and more children. >> coof even withdrawal is now classified as a mental problem -- caffeine withdrawal is now classified as a mental problem. some doctors don't agree with this. they say caffeine withdrawal isn't serious enough to be included in the dsm5. but they cause enough discomfort to be considered a medical problem. >> the pennsylvania girl whose family fought to get her a lung transplant from the adult list.
5:42 pm
she suffers from a disease. the mother says she will post big positive news as soon as she has some. >> speaking out about a dangerous spot. >> we're live in san francisco where a forklift operator was struck and sent to the hospital this morning. we will tell you why his coworkers say they're not surprised. >> and the end of an era. an icon iic northern california plant shuts down.
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5:45 pm
>> more details now on a crash between a forklift and a vehicle this morning is san francisco that sent three people to the hospital. it happened at 4:00 a.m. at the wholesale produce market on gerald avenue in san francisco. lauren blanco found out that this kind of accident is more common than you might think. >> reporter: the posted speed limit here is 25 miles per hour. but we talked with several employees today who say it doesn't matter, every day their life is in danger. a forklift toppled over and its operator rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. a crash that happened just before 4:00 a.m. is no surprise to fellow employees and owners. >> it is a constant safety
5:46 pm
issue around here. drivers are very careful because people do fly up and down this road. there's been many accidents. >> reporter: he sees fender benders out here weekly and wants more police patrols. >> i'm disappointed that they haven't tried to slow traffic down through here. >> reporter: police are still investigating the cause, but several witnesses tell us that the driver of the white car was speeding far beyond the 25 miles per hour limit. >> these things are really hard to tip over. this thing weighs 7,000 pounds. >> really? >> yes. >> and in order for someone to really hit one of these things, to tip it over, they have to be going pretty fast. >> reporter: the city which owns the land has approved a three-phase land that will reroute traffic so no commuters will be able to access the middle of the market. the director of real estate says it will take at least three to five years before the
5:47 pm
project is finished. the city says the money is coming from vendors. so that could slow down or speed up completion. i want to add that the victim's sister actually just drove by and told us that her brother is going to be okay. that's good news. he is undergoing surgery later today and he should be out of the hospital in a couple of days. reporting live in san francisco, lauren blanco. >> the case in mountain view last night lead to the arrest of two men. they were in a white honda civic that had been reported stolen. police arrested them at the scene. perez ran but officers tracked him to a nearby hotel. cal osha says faulty brakes on a tractor may have caused an accident. officials say 49-year-old jose
5:48 pm
gonzales was killed in an accident yesterday afternoon. cal osha did not find any other hazards at the workplace and the quarry was allowed to remain open. >> new details about the man who killed five people in a shooting ram package last friday that ended with his death at santa monica college. police say 23-year-old john left behind a note expressing regret for the killing of his father and brother. according to investigators, he shot them, set fire to the family home and then killed three more people at the college. the note does not say why he killed them. but police think mental illness may have played a part in the killings. >> yahoo tried to challenge an order. the new york times is reporting that yahoo asked a u.s. court back in 2008 to review in the nsa surveillance program was a violation of the 4th amendment rights. the court found that the
5:49 pm
concerns were overblown. >> if you have an iphone, you can now use it to work on document in microsoft office. microsoft has announced an iphone app that let's people access the cloud service office 360. with it, iphone customers can modify documents in word, excel or powerpoint but can't create new ones. no word if microsoft is working on a similar app for android phones. fears that the fed might pull back on the stimulus plan pushed stocks lower today. >> it's the end of an era for a historic coca cola bottling plant. mike was there this morning when dozens of former employees collected their final paychecks before the plant closes its doors for good. >> reporter: some talked on the phone, others grabbed a smoke.
5:50 pm
all passed the time awaiting the inevitable fate of this iconic landmark. >> it's sad to see it go. >> reporter: three months after coca cola announced it was shutting down the bottling plant, today is the final operation of the bottling plant that got its start back in 1927. a handful of soon to be former employees awaited their final paychecks and awaited a final good-bye to friends. >> i knew a lot of these people for 20 years. >> reporter: now as the gate closes on the plant's final days, long-time employees like 57-year-old kelly says this day is especially hard because not only does unemployment await, but this also marks the end of a working life spent in the bottling industry. >> sorry to see it go for sure. you know. it's been a part of my life. my father's life too. >> a few employees are being
5:51 pm
transferred to the coca cola facility in potomus. no word on what will be done with the historic building. in a story you will see only on 2, what researchers are bringing into the cafeteria that they say could have a major impact on childhood obesity. >> a 99-cent school looking to sell bargain booze. why some are worried. >> there's been news about defective welds in the bay bridge. let's go inside of it and see how bad it really is or isn't. >> these stories and more coming up in less than 10 minutes. i hope you will join us at 6:00. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ wife ] sorry. [ male announcer ] but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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>> it's something many people who work in an office setting take for grants, filling up on clean cold water for free. researchers are looking at why students don't always have the same option and studying what happens when they do. it's a story you'll see only on 2. >> reporter: to understand why this is worthy of a study, you first have to learn what students were drinking before this water machine showed up in the lunchroom here at fairmont middle school in oakland. >> i was drinking sodas and stuff. occasionally i would have milk. >> i drank arizona, sews aand
5:55 pm
gatorades and things like that. >> reporter: lots of sugar and not a lot of nutrition. >> we started thinking it would be useful to provide water and displace consumption of the other beverages. >> reporter: researchers learned that kids weren't drinking water at school because they didn't have access to it. >> one in four schools didn't offer school in the lunchroom area. >> reporter: the researchers brought in clean cold water and cups and then watched. >> i have seen a difference. >> reporter: researchers say before this experiment, only between 1 and 10% of students would get water from a water fountain. all year they have opinion monitoring what the students drink. >> i'm seeing more students are drinking more water. >> and researchers will start examining the results of their water study which is wrapping up in several districts across
5:56 pm
the bay area. a similar program in germany led the weight to drop by 30%. a new rival to the boeing dream liner made its maiden voyage today. it has taken eight years to build at a cost of about $15 billion. air bus says this new jet is 25% more fuel efficient and quieter than other aircraft of its size. there are already more than 600 orders for the new jet which should go into service by the end of 2014. people gathered today in san francisco to remember a survivor of the 1906 earthquake who died this week. hooks great grandchildren held her picture and rang the fire engine bell in her honor. she was an infant during the quake. she died at the age of 107.
5:57 pm
her granddaughter says wendy loved attending the commemoration of the earthquake every year. >> she was kind of queen for a day at the event. she picked out the outfit she was going to wear months and months ahead. she invited people to the event. we worked out all the details of what we do. amazingly she was up and ready for all of the events. >> with the death, there are now only two known survivors of the 1906 earthquake still alive. >> well, today is the warmest day of the week. let's go to mark to see what is ahead for the weekend. >> we have cooling to talk about for the weekend. after today we add 70s and 80s and a few spots around 90 degrees. we'll break it down for you. temperatures not warming up and the fog making a come back first thing tomorrow morning. at the coast, areas of fog in the morning. then it won't be completely clearing. partly cloudy skies, low to mid-
5:58 pm
60s. 60 to 65. right around the bay, partly cloudy sky and patchy fog to start out the day. wind speeds pick up in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow low to mid-70s. i should say in general temperatures everywhere coming down a good five to ten degrees from the warm readings today. fair skies at 8:00. by 3:00, lots of sunshine and a bit of a breeze out towards the delta region. temperatures for tomorrow in the upper 70s to lower 80s. here a forecast for tomorrow. right around the bay for the morning hours, clearing back to near the shoreline. and if i step out of the way, you can see temperatures ranging from the low to mid-60s in san francisco. concord 80 degrees. san jose, the upper 70s. livermore, warm, 81 degrees. coming up at 6:15 i will tell you if we're tracking any major heat waves. >> now at 6:00, only on 2, an
5:59 pm
up close look at the problems surrounding the new bay bridge. what we saw and the plan to fix the problems before the labor day opening. >> happening now, protests against the vice president's bay area visit. >> an east bay store selling booze for about a buck. why some say the bargain might come at a cost. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> we begin this hour with a story you will see only on 2. an up close look at the problems on the new eastern span of the bay bridge from cracked welds to broken bolts, we have been following the set backs caused by safety concerns on the principle. we are learning how crews are working to fix it. tom got an exclusive look from bridge officials. tom joins us live with what you
6:00 pm
saw and what you were told about the span's scheduled labor day opening. tom. >> reporter: quite a view. now, this massive gleaming 500- foot tower has a massive base thhaat peo been concerned about cracked welds and questionable seismic bolts. have a look for yourself. we took a workboat out to the base of the massive tower. then climbed 40 feet to enter a tight maz that is the tower he is interior. crews are repairing expected flaws in the solid steel walls that protect the towers from earthquakes. crews use powerful magnetic systems that draw magnetized power into the tiny cracks. >> for the entire depth of the weld, we use other methods. >> reporter: for interior flaws of the many four-inch thick welds, inspectors


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